Echoing Shadows

Echoing Shadows — as this rendition has been denominated, is a live poetry recital by Sonnet Mondal, enacted through steps of Kathak by Sangeeta Majumder.
Getting into the details, Echoing shadows is a verse-story by Sonnet Mondal presented — in the form of a Poet imagining himself to be a contemplative Indian village girl. The term Echoing Shadows has been used as a metaphor — to depict the effect of memories echoing in our minds through nostalgia, ecstasy and apprehension. The poem which is a mixture of abstractions and factual depictions, is divided into four phases — which include the girl’s early days in her village, her life in cities as she grows up to pursue her dreams, her life with religion, her life encircled by materialistic thoughts and at last her life of realisation.

Echoing Shadows was first staged on november 17th 2016 at V Klub Stadium, Bratislava on the India special evening of the 14th Ars Poetica International Festival, Slovakia.