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Did you have a dream to learn Kathak in your childhood but didn’t get the proper opportunity ?

Do you have some extra time to pursue your passion ?

Want to build your own personal space through your creativity?


Internationally acclaimed Kathak maestra Sangeeta Majumder teaches Kathak Online/ Offline and has been conducting workshops in India and abroad many years now.Kathak class with Sangeeta is a journey for those who dream themselves to dance with exuberance. More than just choreography, she shares her years of research and knowledge in a simple way. It is a way to experience the roots of Indian culture.

She has students from Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Nepal, Netherlands, Peru, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America and counting.

“It is always a pleasure to meet new students. I will teach you the way I wanted to learn when it was much needed. Teaching my students makes me feel beyond myself as an artist. It develops a sense of selflessness within me which is difficult to grow only as a solo performing artist.”
– Sangeeta Majumder

Online Kathak Classes:

1) You can learn at anytime at any age.
2) Timings are flexible.
3) Students can clear their doubts during the classes.
4) Video references for practice of every new lesson.
5) Interactive dance classes.
6) Cost effective and time saving- students can learn from anywhere in their comfort zone.


In person Kathak Classes:

Sangeeta Majumder imparts Kathak training at the premises of ‘Strings N Steps Academy of Performing Arts and Festivals’, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi.


– No experience required
– Duration – 3 Years
– Training for aspirant Kathak Performer
– Movement Vocabulary
– Body Conditioning
– Different Taal
– Theory & Natyashastra
– Abhinaya
– Choreography
– Stage Presentations
– Student-centric Education

‘Advanced Regular Integral Kathak Training’ is available to the students having at least 5 years of experience.

Price : 11900 for 12 weeks

12 live classes 1:1 and 3 practice classes, total 15 classes

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– No Experience required
– Duration 1 year
– Basic Kathak movements
– Body Conditioning
– Theories of Dance
– Choreography
– Student-centric Education

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– No Experience required
– Duration 6 months
– Basic Kathak movements
– Choreography for a special event
– Student- Centric Education

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– Duration 3 months
– Theory for the exam (Prayag Sangeet Samiti)
– Natyashastra in details
– University Entrance Preparation for Kathak

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– Duration 2 months
– No experience required
– Basic Kathak movements
– Choreography on any bollywood song

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