Learn Kathak

With the years of rigorous training in Lucknow style, Sangeeta renders workshops and imparts lessons to the prospective learners.

Since 2011 she is a regular faculty of Kathak Dance at ‘Strings N Steps Academy of Performing Arts and Festivals’ in New Delhi and Kolkata. In the year 2013, she was appointed and still continuing as the online and visiting Kathak faculty of Saaz-O-Awaz, Academy of Indian Music, Toronto, Canada. She is also a former faculty of Kathak at UMAK Center for Performing Arts (Institute of Padma Bhushan Pandit Debu Chaudhri), New Delhi.

Online Classes

Sangeeta Majumder teaches Kathak online to several students from different parts of the country and abroad via Skype since 2011.

Fill up the contact form below with all required details to start learning the exuberant steps of Kathak from Sangeeta Majumder
write to Shraddha Soni at: stringsnsteps@gmail.com . Include your name, place of residence, brief bio, phone number along with a covering letter showing your interest in learning Kathak from Sangeeta Majumder.

Offline Classes

Sangeeta Majumder imparts training in Kathak at ‘Strings N Steps Academy of Performing Arts & Festivals’, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi. She also conducts classes at Kalasangam (Jack & Jill School), Kolkata in India. Also conducts workshop and represented India in the United Kingdom, Argentina, Hungary, Romania, UAE, Nepal, Slovakia, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, France, Spain and so on.

“I’m happy that you visited me. I will teach you the way I wanted to learn when I was much needed… Teaching others makes me feel beyond my ownself as an artist. It develops a selflessness that is difficult to plant as a solo performing artist.”

Why Sangeeta is student’s favourite?

Kathak class with Ms Sangeeta Majumder is a journey for those who dream themselves dance with exuberance and also enthusiastic about knowing the basic roots of our Indian Culture. She has gained a rich experience through years of research, learning history and practice of movement and dance skills. Keeping view of the time it takes to learn Kathak, Sangeeta has curated a course which she named ‘a long term association’. Getting admission to her class is limited to the serious and enthusiastic students only. During her Master’s Degree program she got the chance to be exposed to a numerous number of books and gained knowledge. She shares that knowledge to her students in a simplified way. According to her, “dance is not only an art form to be performed but a doctrine and discipline in life and a philosophy to follow.”

In the class the students are being trained to become skilled Kathak dancers with a strong base. Sangeeta provides “STUDENT-CENTRIC” education. The focus of the training is to make stage performers which includes Body conditioning, Movement Vocabulary, Taal, Natya Shastra, Abhinaya, Choreography, Stage Presentation, basic relationship with different instruments and vocal music.

Time to time workshop on special taal, choreography, performances are conducted.

The Teachings are based on Guru-Shishya Parampara.